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"Pain Clinic is a fantastic clinic. Anthony has been treating me for 7 years, even though we now live in London I still use Pain Clinic.


It is so fantastic that you can have manipulation,

acupuncture and sports/remedial massage all in one treatment."


Fiona Barrat-Cambell, International Celebrity Interior Designer (2014)

"Anthony has definitely been a great benefit, and made me feel much more confident in playing my sport, which previously i was very careful. Just after a few treatments, even everday movements are much more comfortable. I have now been able to resume proper training without worrying about my injuries, I have no hesitation in recommending Pain Clinic to anyone with painful conditions, including top class athletes alike who suffer from back pain. Thanks Anthony." Sulzer (Sol) Campbell, (July 2007)


"I still have maintenance treatment to stay on top of things and visit Tony on a regular basis " (Update from 2014)

Sulzeer Campbell (Sol), England International Football

"When I first visited Anthony for osteopathy in 2010 I was not even able to stand for the examination of my back. I was suffering extreme pain and was unable to sleep for a number of nights


I was recommended to see Anthony by a fellow professional and after the first treatment I experienced immediat benefit and after two more treatments I was able to walk several miles and sleep at night without pain. I now have regular treatments at clinc to keep me in tip top condition to continue to play my game. " (2013)

Jimmy White, Professional Snooker Player

"My back injury has been chronic for over 20 years. Although I have been using anti-inflamatories daily to help me control my pain I still suffered a great deal and the side effects of the medication has materialised other health issues. Most times the acute pain has influenced my carrier, but since I received treatment from Pain Clinic in England, I have been able to resume my work play and teaching other golfer professionals. I am now more aware about my condition, and after the after care advice from Tony I have been able to increase my quality of life and reassume confidence. "



Gary Stubbington, PGA Golf Professional

"In November 2012, I suddenly had excruciating back pain and I was struggling to move. I went to my GP who sent me to an osteopath who was unable to sort the problem. Over time, I tried painkillers, seeing a physio, an osteopath and a chiropractor but nothing and nobody could sort the problem and I was in agony almost every minute of the day to the point where I couldn't really get out of bed in the morning. This went on for a whole year and I had always been extremely active and played lots of sport so really struggled with being unable to move.


Luckily, towards the end of last year, a friend of mine recommended Tony to me and said that he had been brilliant for her. At the time, I believed that nobody could help me because all I had heard were people saying they didn’t know what the problem was but I went to see Tony and it was one of the best decisions I have made. As quickly as the first session, he immediately identified that the problem, and instantly started fixing the issue. I straightaway felt an indescribable difference and over the next few weeks he worked on solving the whole problem. This was even quicker than I had ever imagined possible and within a couple of months I was incredibly starting to do some proper exercise for the first time in a year. I have continued to see Tony since and it is simply not possible to describe the difference in how my back feels now and how much happier I am.

Tony is not only unbelievably talented at his job but has always been extremely friendly, courteous and respectful. I would completely recommend him to anybody. He has totally changed the quality of my life around and I will be forever grateful for his help and talents. I am continuing to see him and have even been able to sign up to run a marathon later in the year thanks to his skills at sorting my back. So, from being unable to get out of bed to running a marathon within a year – thank you Tony!!"

Martin Hiley, Data Protection Analyst

Jack Stubbington PGA Golf Pro


Mariyln Pusey Retired District Nurse

Daniel Passerelli, Restauranteur & Alex