Conditions We Treat

Pain, in all of its variations can be deflating, debilitating and extremely frustrating, especially when you are struggling to complete even the smallest of every day tasks. Understandably, whether it's joint, muscular, nerve or pain in any other form - you are left feeling fed up.


Our therapists put you and your health first - they each enjoy helping you restore the correct balance to your life.


The most enjoyable part for us is to watch you transform in both body and mind and we do this with treatment, advice and after care so you have us with you every step of the way.





Our practitioners continue to successfully treat a number of back-pain related conditions, including but not limited to:


- Postural discrepancies

- Damaged muscles/tendons

- Spinal problems & mobility

- Shoulder complaints

- Slipped discs & herniated discs

- Degenerative discs

- Chronic back pain

- Neurological pain - locally or referred

- Upper/Lower & Non-specific back pain

Whatever the sports injury, we can help.

Our practitioners treat various complaints and conditions such as the following:


- Degenerative conditions,

- Joint pain, lumbago, rhematic pain

- Muscular pain, tears, sprains and strains

- Tissue damage

- Pre-operation preparation

- Post-operative conditions

- Tennis elbow

- Ligamentous

- Postural problems/achey muscles

- Cramp



We have received a lot of positive feedback for our paedatric care ranging from newborn babies through to young children. Our successful cases include treatment of the following:


- Muscle spasms and tension

- Restlessness

- Postural problems

- Digestive problems

- Excessive crying

- Colic

- Realignment

- Cranial conditions

- Balance Issues



We will help you restore your normal neck function whilst eliminating any occurence of the following:


- Migraines & Headaches

- Whiplash

- Tension & Stress

- Dizziness & Vertigo

- Trapped nerves

- Head & Face pain

- Spinal & Neck rehabilitation

- Chronic stiff neck & Neck injury

- Arthritis

Whether you're suffering with digestive problems or simply feel as though you over-indulge too often, we can help with our range of hydrotherapy, allergy testing and acupuncture treatments for the following:


- Bowel disorders and irregularities

- Instestinal blockages

- Tension & Stress

- Lethargy

- Increased weight gain

- Concetration

- Skin problems

- Hemorrhoids


It's quite common during pregnancy to feel achey and you can often feel in pain and quite fatigued. We are able to assist you with the following:


- Back pain

- Sacroiliac pain

- Pubic/groin pain

- Rib pain

- Sciatica

- Neuralgia

- Muscle spasms and tension

- Restlessness

- Cramp

- Circulatory problems




At Pain Clinic we can help free you from the following hip, knee and foot complaints (including but not limited to):


- Degenerative conditions &

joint pain

- Neurological pains, either locally

or referred

- Postural problems - achey muscles

& cramps

- Tendonitis

- Sports related injuries

- Growing pains

- Circulatory problems

- Arthritis of all joints





Our pain specialists are able to assess and treat most elbow, wrist and hand related conditions, including the following:



- Degenerative pain – joint pain &

trauma pain

- Poor mechanics

- Neurological pain – locally or referred

from neck

- Sporting injuries – tennis elbow, ligamentous,

muscular damage

- Arthritic changes and issues

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

- Numbness, tingling or intense

burning pains

- Nerve irritation